Carrier for Advance Writer

Being a writer is freedom of life that some people are choosing while others think that it is not going to give full support to fulfill everyday needs. There is an art of writing that not everyone understands because some people are saying that they don’t have the talent to write what is on their mind and formulate their thoughts into different words and sentences, while others are given the talent to be able to formulate words and sentences into something more than just ordinary writing. The assignment writing is the proof that writers are like having two talents at the same time; the ability to write and the ability to formulate academic writing and sell it as writing service. When you hear the word or writer as field of employment, it doesn’t mean that it is someone who is publishing books and other commercial writing products because writer covers many other fields.
Other fields that writers can have, especially advanced writers, are including offering service in producing academic writing. It is without any reason that they choose academic writing because there are many clients who are in need for this service and the clients here are the students from different level of studies including high school students with their essay assignments, under and post graduate students with their thesis writing assignments, PhD and master degree with their dissertation as the final assignment, and many more. So, why people who are involving in this academic writing service refer as advanced writers? The reason why these people are refer as advanced writers is because what they produce might have the same commercial purpose, but the essence of the writing that makes them different from other writers like book authors.